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Along with acclaimed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and brave planet guardian Vandana Shiva, is JASS’ very own Executive Director and Co-Founder, Lisa Vene Klasen!

From September 8-11, we joined nearly 2000 diverse participants from across the globe in Brazil.

From the Black Feminist Forum, plenaries, sessions and hubs, we were incredibly inspired and energized by what we heard, learned and offered.

Together with allies, we shared stories and tools for cross-movement power and change.

The Uganda National Drug Authority said in a letter dated Dec.

28, 2018 that it made similar findings after a customer complained of constant sweating and a nearly six-hour erection.

Many activists and JASS allies across the region are wondering, what’s next—will those in power begin to formulate concrete policies that will put these words into action, and make a difference in the lives of LGBTI people?

In a context where conservative culture, social disparities and economic struggles exacerbate violence against women, fracture communities and serve to entrench the inequalities that oppress women daily, a group of community-based activists are coming together to compose a different narrative.

Zambia's first lady surprised the international community when she spoke out on LGBTI rights.

JASS’ sustained activist training and accompaniment of young women activists birthed Generation Alive, a formation dedicated to building young women’s leadership and political participation as well as mobilising within safe spaces for collective power.

200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World!

Young people out there are dying and it is a reality but then we decide to hide and say this is something that we are not going to legalise because of 'social norms and moral standards.

~ Tsekai Makwelele Chityaba, Young Women in Action Through the lens of power, JASS supports young women to build political, analytical and decisionmaking skills to counter-conservative agendas and the erosion of sexual and reproductive health rights.Zambia had ordered the manufacturer to withdraw the drink after tests showed it contained Sildenafil Citrata whose brand name is Viagra, a Ndola local authority statement said.