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01-Jun-2020 17:11

The room—loud with music and reeking of beer—was bright enough for Holly Li (W ‘18) to realize that almost all of the mostly–white fraternity brothers had brought dates who were Asian.

It was a little after midnight, and she had just arrived at the on–campus fraternity’s house after a date night.

According to Yale–NUS professor Robin Zheng, refers to “a person's exclusive or near–exclusive preference for sexual intimacy with others belonging to a specific racial outgroup.” Under this preference system, Asian people are lumped together into the issue became especially salient in America during the 19th century following years of Chinese immigration to the west coast of the U. But even though the problem has existed for centuries, it is still difficult to pin down and identify.

Too often, the differences between a romantic preference and a fetish just aren’t clear, leading one to ask: Modern cultural assumptions are “inseparable” from the United States’ long history with Asia, explains Asian American Studies professor Josephine Park.

In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed to restrict Chinese laborers from immigrating into the States, and the government specifically kept out Chinese wives by accusing them of being prostitutes.

When the United States fought in Asia—the Pacific War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War— soldiers often took war brides.

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He’s even heard friends joking about going to downtowns hosted by Sigma Psi Zeta, a multicultural, Asian–interest Greek sorority, in order to meet Asian women. Like, if I were to say I want to go to a Sigma downtown to hook up with Asians, that’s offensive, you know?They’ve investigated dating history patterns through social media, or heard through others whether their partners are “creepy with Asian girls.” Holly says dating history is often what raises alarms for her: “If I am the eighth Asian woman in four years, then I know.” To other students, it’s not so obvious.

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