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via @isntmainstream That said, successful couples know how to fight right.And a couples "success" and happiness is highly dependent on how well they handle conflict together and how well they can fight predicts wether or not the relationships will thrive and last.via @flwhrs The positive side-effect of wearing our heart on your sleeve is the close emotional bond that will form over time with her significant other.Because she knows and feels that he sees her true self all the time, with no questions asked.She can tell you about her fears and worries without a doubt that someone will judge her for it.The ability to open up to people like that is priceless.As counter-intuitive as it may sound, she will bring a lot of stability and clarity to this hectic little thing we call living.via @isntmainstream Conflict in relationships is - well, crappy for everyone. But surprisingly enough, it's an essential part of navigating day-to-day life with a significant other. A couple goes through many hurdles and setbacks only to predictably arrive at a happy and romantic end.

via @flwhrs For example, emotional girls can be quite sensitive - they feel quite a lot, which can be draining.In other words, couples who don't have conflict are a bit odd, because without conflict, a partnership cannot thrive and grow. Although life doesn't unfold as neatly as "Sleepless in Seattle", there is a kernel of truth to this universal trope.That's why we all relate to these types of stories.A famous psychologist once said "humans are attracted to each other's rough edges".

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Despite this truth, we all seem to be suffering of a fear of expressing our emotions.We will shed some light on different scenarios a girl will typically find herself in at home, during conflict, out with friends, communication, and finally on vacation. via @wildfiresss They rarely regret because they trust that their feelings and intuition will guide them in the right direction.