Whois information not updating

12-Feb-2020 07:29

If a company, then the full, legally incorporated name). Under the CONTACT INFORMATION section, click on ON THIS PAGE 2.

Confirm changes NOTE: CIRA’s CPRs require that all the information be accurate, and appropriate to the type selected (for example, if you select an Individual, it must be a real person’s name.

You'll need to follow different steps if your domain has private registration enabled.

Select the radio button next to Yourself if you want to be the contact, or select the option that describes how you will identify the contact (e.g., already has access, NIC handle, or User ID) then click on the Continue button:8.

If you need to update and manage these historical resources, click here to to find out how.

CA domains is handled by a system of individual contacts. Click on the WHOIS link for said domain You should be within your WHOIS INFORMATION page. Choose the section you’d like to assign the new contact to 3. Assign existing CIRA contact to either Owner, Admin, or Tech by selecting one from the drop down menu 3.

The APNIC Whois Database is an important source of reference for the Internet community as it contains information such as the Internet number registrations, routing, and abuse contacts etc.

Updates to whois information are considered a change of ownership and may warrant a 60-day transfer lock.It is very important to keep the contact information for your domain name current and valid.

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