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13-Oct-2020 05:33

And the reactions her parents had to her transformation were pretty priceless, if you ask us.Growing up as the eldest child of two bonafide Hollywood A-listers couldn’t have been easy, and it seriously affected young Rumer’s psyche.Looks like the former couple like to keep things fun.Willis even got roasted by Moore when she made a surprise appearance at his Comedy Central Roast in Los Angeles last month.In the end, and ironically enough, it was someone else’s troubles that led Rumer to see the light – her younger sister Tallulah, and her own battles against her demons.Tallulah Belle Willis, Rumer’s younger sister, has battled both substance abuse problems and an eating disorder.She spoke candidly about the matter, revealing how difficult it was to grow up with her entire life on public display before she got a chance to develop thicker skin and have confidence in who she was, irrespective of people’s opinions of her.

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Although Rumer has had a complicated relationship with some of her family members, they seem to be pretty close.

"Thanks for making me," Rumer captioned a photo of her parents giving her a kiss on each cheek.

Younger sister Tallulah, 24, also shared a photo with mom and dad to her Instagram.

She persevered through these problems, however, and published an Instagram post in which she celebrated not only her sobriety but also her overall health.

None of that escaped Rumer’s notice, of course, and she was one of the first to congratulate Tallulah, telling her how proud she was of her strength, courage, and grace in the face of adversity, as well as her commitment to herself.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are coming together to celebrate the birth of their eldest daughter, Rumer.

Korine studied at Hillsboro High School and moved to New York where he studied Business Administration in college.… continue reading »

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