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CHAPTER ONE Prince Alexander of Durham had grown up with the best of the best, and that included his education.

But all of his highly skilled and extremely well-paid teachers, tutors, and professors had failed to tell him what a train wreck falling in love created.

Prince, who died on Thursday at 57, leaves behind one of music’s most prolific legacies, having released more than 50 albums under his name as well as more under others.

He was also notoriously precious with his work — You Tube is practically wiped clean of his music and performances — particularly with the advent of streaming.

What he wouldn’t give to escape the palace and sit on a bench in Castlebridge Park, an anonymous citizen of Durham enjoying the late summer breeze as he spent a relaxing afternoon people watching. So instead he headed toward the administrative wing of the palace, where a room full of monitors was constantly watched by an entire team.

It was as close to his fantasy as he got in the palace.

“My thing is this: The catalog has to be protected,” he told Ebony in a since-removed interview in late 2015.

Last summer, he removed most of his music from every streaming service save for Tidal, only occasionally uploading one-offs to Sound Cloud (which he later removed) and inexplicably giving Spotify his 2015 song “Stare.” Upon his death, the world will want to take a deep dive into the Purple One’s catalogue, but how on Earth do you find it all?

“Then I don’t know what you want from me.” “What about a new girlfriend? “Someone to take the attention off Isla.” Alex leveled him with a glare. There was speculation after Princess Diana had a 5 year affair with James Hewitt.

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