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29-Sep-2019 15:29

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Comedy’s so big right now that superstars like Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeldare being paid more for stand-up specials than anybody ever could’ve imagined.And yet it’s those same comics profiting the most off the current comedy boom who hypocritically act like comedy is dying because not everybody likes their outdated material.It’s remarkably similar to Ricky Gervais’s miserable special from last year, straight down to a “well, what if I identify as this” transphobic joke; instead of Gervais’s chimpanzee, though, Chappelle whips out an Asian stereotype worthy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, adding just that extra little jolt of racism that nobody anywhere asked for.

who is dave chappelle dating-59

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Comics with actual bravery have redefined what can be considered stand-up, while the internet has let exciting and hilarious new comedians establish themselves through podcasts, social media, and video sites like You Tube.Chappelle spends almost the entire hour arguing that rich and famous people shouldn’t have to face consequences for the fucked-up things they do.