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17-Sep-2019 23:55

The writer is waiting for money to be deposited or for another check to clear before the payee will be able to cash without overdrawing the writer’s account.If this happens, there’s usually a few fees that are levied, such as an insufficient funds or overdraft fee (and sometimes both), and on the payee’s end, there may be a bounced check fee.Attempting To Defraud It’s not illegal to postdate a check if your intention is to make sure that you have enough funds in your account to cover the amount owed.However, if you postdate a check and have no intentions of actually paying a person or entity the amount owed, you are committing a crime.You would need to contact your bank by writing them with a request to hold funds until the future date that you write on a check.If you do this within a reasonable time before they receive your check, the bank is required to honor your written request.The amount that you try to defraud and severity of your crime will dictate the punishment that you receive.

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Most frequently, postdating a check is an effort to avoid fees. Instead of writing today’s date on the check, you write in a future date.