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28-Apr-2020 21:37

We’re proud of being grannies, with both a big and a little “G”— we can get away with being more offensive as “grannies.” Not all of us are biological grandmothers. We spent the first half of our lives accumulating wisdom and experience, and as elders we’re obligated to share it.Personally, I marched with Martin Luther King in 1963 and here I am 54 years later still marching.

Now a widespread network of grassroots “gaggles,” the Grannies originated in Canada in 1986 when a group of women got together to protest the presence of US nuclear submarines off Victoria, B. They felt they had to do something to attract more attention, so they decided to show what little old ladies can do. Other women in Canada picked up the idea, and eventually it trickled down to the US.We were about to go to war with Iraq, the local library budget was being cut, and I was raging.When I went online to find the T-shirt, I discovered that there were Raging Grannies all over the country who were doing stuff together.By the way, when I refer to us as “we,” I’m saying it loosely since I can’t speak for all Grannies. We show up wherever we feel our message needs to be heard.

We might appear at a rally, a farmer’s market, a city council meeting or commission hearing.The Rochester and Florida gaggles are still going strong.