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14-Apr-2020 13:35

If you misspell the table name, for example, the compiler will not catch the error, but at runtime your program will fail.

Although the typed dataset makes dataset functions easy to use, it is difficult to add business functions into it.

This will allow me to be more efficient from a database perspective when I want to build a list UI on top of my Products table, and save me from having to hit the database an extra time per-row to retrieve this value when displaying a product list on the site.

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Before using the dataset, you should have an understanding of the Microsoft .Supplier Id” – since this method is part of the Suppliers Row class). Hopefully the above set of tutorials provides a useful (and somewhat exhaustive -- sorry for the length) walkthrough of the core features and capabilities you can easily take advantage of with the Data Set designer in Visual Web Developer and VS 2005 to build easy data access layers. Something to the wish-list for your upcomming samples: The same DAL exposed by Web Services including reallife errorhandling.... To see a simple example of how you could use this feature, I could easily add an additional “Get Products()” method to each row of Suppliers within my Northwind DAL (allowing me to easily obtain the Product Data Table for the specific Supplier I have a reference to).

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This tells the VB compiler that I want to add a “Get Products()” method to the Suppliers Row class (I’m using the “Supplier ID” property on the supplier’s row to automatically figure out the subset of products by Supplier – note that I can write “Me.

The column and table names are properties of the typed dataset.

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