Updating localnet express 2 0

06-Apr-2020 00:52

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It supports a wide selection of transceivers, TNCs and multimode controllers, sound card modes using the WINMOR, ARDOP, and VARA virtual TNCs (WINMOR and ARDOP software TNCs included), Pactor, SCS Robust Packet, VHF/UHF AX.25 packet radio, and direct telnet to CMS servers or RMS Relay (for amateur radio High Speed Multimedia [HSMM], Broadband Ham Net, D-Star DD mode, internet, and other TCP/IP networks).

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If multiple applications are running concurrently, we recommend a fast computer with extra RAM.

Winlink Express (formerly RMS Express) is the preferred Winlink radio email client because it supports all new system features, and it is the only client supporting the Winlink Hybrid Network for email delivery with or without the internet.

Winlink Express is designed to be easily used by single users with a single call sign but it may also be used to simultaneously send and receive mail with one or two more tactical addresses or alternate Winlink accounts.

Built-in Message Log Report Generator creates automatic reports from your local Winlink Express message records.

Generates ICS-309 reports for ICS compliance and comma-separated text files.The program makes minimal CPU demands with the exception of WINMOR operation.