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05-Jun-2020 11:32

In less technical terms, this means that your apps need to make use of the new i OS 7 design and interface. For example, compare the two screenshots below; the left one is the Elements example app back in i OS 6 and before, and the right one is the same app in i OS 7.This is also the fastest way to determine visually whether an app needs an update.To see all of the changes that matter, check out our i OS 13 vs i OS 12 comparison.The new Quick Path swipe keyboard is a big highlight, and the new to edit photos has made us open Lightroom less.Adjusting visual elements might also be needed to complement the new flat design if your app looks odd in the new environment.

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Dark Mode is our favorite new i OS 13 beta feature and it inverts those bright white-screen backgrounds to make the display easier to read at night.At the behest of Chinese and Russian regulatory agencies, Apple currently stores sensitive i Cloud data on servers located in those countries, a practice some believe could open the door to snooping.The company has said the move is a requirement for maintaining i Cloud and other cloud services, adding that its servers do not include backdoors.To put it shortly - it depends on the size of your app and the amount of work you want done.

At the time of writing this article, the i OS 7 market share is at 78% percent and rising.i OS 13 will soon be here to fundamentally change up how you use your i Phone every day, and we have been testing the public beta since late June.