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It was hit by two bombs on hold no.4 where the munitions deposit was situated.

The explosion was very violent and tore the ship in two whilst the locomotives, despite their weigth of 126tons each and the fact that they were tied to the deck, were catapulted into the air, sinking to seabed about 30mat 1.30am on 6th Oct 1941.

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In May1941 with a crew of 39 me it had left the port of Glasgow, Scotland, with a cargo of munitions, bombs of different kinds, anti tank mines, Lee Enfield MKⅢrifles, a hundred of BSA motorcycles, BSA W-M20, Matchless G3L and Norton 16H, Bedford, Morris and Ford trucks, two light Bren Carrier MK Ⅱtanks, two steam Stanier 8 F locomotives complete with two coal tenders and water tankers necessary for travel in desert zones, transport trucks, portable field generators, spare parts for airplanes and automobiles, medicine, tyres abd rubber boots.

The exploration of the ship starts at the stern at 15m where the still intact propeller can be observed.

The route continues into the inside of the hull, easily accessible as the wooden bridge is no longer there and the area is well illuminated by sunlight.

The remains of the engine room with the boiler are still nicely visible whereas the bow area situated at 4m is destroyed.

To the right of the wreck you can see the remains of the mast resting on the seabed.

In a short time a great favorite with scuba divers from all over the world and is now the most visited wreck in the whole Red Sea.Exploration of the ship is usually done in two phases.The 1st dive is a general tour of the wreck resting in its NW-SE position; the 2nd dive includes penetration of the holds.Disfrutarás de la exposición y venta de artesanías que tienen nuestros artesanos de la entidad, además de sus ceremonias y tradiciones milenarias.

Cabe destacar que en esta comunidad habitan personas de los cuatro pueblos indígenas originales de Nayarit: Huicholes, Coras, Tepehuanos y Mexicaneros.

German bombers coming from Crete on October 6, 1941 attacked it, the bombs hit the aft hold.