Theory and dating and love

21-Jun-2020 19:43

Surprisingly, you’ll end up with your true love 37 percent of the time.

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I have also written several books about mathematical puzzles, paradoxes, and related topics available on Amazon.This means by pure luck you have a 1/3 chance of finding true love if you always pick the first person. How often does this strategy find the best overall person? For the specifics, there are 6 possible dating orders, and the strategy wins in three cases.(The notation 3 1 2 means you dated the worst person first, then the best, and then the second best. The Best Strategy for the General Case From the example, you can infer the best strategy is to reject some number of people ( people.You also have a 1/3 chance if you always pick the last person, or always pick the second. I marked the person that the strategy would pick in bold and indicated a win if the strategy picked the best candidate overall.)You increase your odds by learning information from the first person. When you go through the math, the odds do not change as you date more people.Yes, it’s not perfect–but I’d say that’s pretty good for a really difficult problem.

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Modeling the True Love Game Dating and relationships are complicated social interactions so they need to be simplified before coming up with any meaningful analysis.

Sounds odd, but it’s just too important to test the market and find that special person. Imagine this: you date a few people, then finally find a great match, and then try to get more serious. The other person happens to be less experienced than you, and you happen to be that person’s first serious relationship.

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