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If I'm not mistaken, I believe the numbers 1 through 6 only appear on the debossed pyramid bottles.If this is correct, then it could help support the experimental theory in that one of the test they conducted was to see how well the thinner, debossed area of glass held up.Finally, I went up to her and asked her the WTF she was doing.She responded by telling me, "What I'm doing is something called Management by Walking Around." I explained to her she wasn't a manager and to cut it out. But this scene replays itself in offices around the world, and yet somehow we keep thinking that it'll be different with the next one.Enough of us are in management or have influence over the hiring process.When resumes come in from now on, I am going to be clear with the candidates and the hiring managers.Without any other numbers on the bottle I guess it will be hard to determine the year. In a sense they are mold numbers, except that all bottles with a number 1 were of one experimental glass formula as were the numbers 2 through 6 of various other formulas.And then after a predetermined period of time they were able to track which bottles held up the best.

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This link will take you to a site where the LGW (Laurens Glass Works) mark is listed alphabetically Bob, Thanx. But with Laurens the experiment involved RC bottles around 1935-1936.