Sqldatasource updating old values

14-May-2020 21:28

The Textbox values come back as empty, which is even stranger. Below is the code for both the Grid View HTML and the C# code behind.

Code (C# On Updating Event) protected void gv Main_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) Gridview HTML Code x WHERE (Rec ID = @Rec ID) " Select Command="SELECT Rec ID, Company ID, Region ID, Country ID, Company Code, Company Name, App ID, Country Code, Country Name, Region Company ID, Region, Model Name, Translate Model, Price, Last Updated On, Last Updated By FROM dbo.

I do not recieve any errors, but nothing is inserted either. When I debug and step through in the Data Source_Updating method at Watch window If the textbox is blank, I see this value CType(e.

This is my first attempt using and I am using VS 2008. Anyway, I seem to following tutorials and previous posts without sucess. 1 Private Sub btn Insert_Click(By Val sender As System. It sends null value to SQL server and exception (column accepts empty string but not NULL).

Input Parameters("Prouct"), String)=Nothing //Doesnt it have to be something like this "" But If I have value then it shows the value.

I can edit the text in the 4 textboxes, but the information in those boxes is not saved(updated). I have however been having a problem even inserting a record. Data Source Updating with blank textbox In the gridview I have problem updating blank textbox.

Now when I press the "Save" button is where things don't go so well. I want to understand what exactly date() does in th following: ALTER PROC [dbo].[sp_Advance Link_Update] @Adv Link ID bigint, @Link ID bigint = NULL, @User ID int = NULL, @Website ID int = NULL, @Advance Category ID bigint = NULL, @Site URL nvarchar(400) = NULL, @Site Title char(150) = NULL, @Site Description nvarchar(510) = NULL, @Reciprocal URL nvarchar(400) = NULL,&n..datasource and update query well i m using 2005 and sqlserver 2005,,i have a page called as sme_thr which user can enter new records for sme_id,name,no agency_id ,,etc..i have used sqldatasource and formview for tht,,,well for agency_id i have replaced the textfield with a dropdown list and it displays the agency_id values from the table sme_master.now everything is working fine,,whn i go for inserting a new record and select a value from the dropdownlist,the value doesnot gets inserted in the table,,so everything is working fine except the dropdownlist,,,another prob is tht the dropdown list ... from textbox Hey all, I would eventually like to check for the existance of a record and if that record exists update it.

In the last two days, I had to wait for Firefox to install updates before I could browse and now, I'm alerted that there'...updates, updates, updates Name: hans jensen Email: hansjensen44_athotmaildotcom Product: Firefox Summary: updates, updates, updates Comments: why is it everytime i go online firefox has new updates, 3 -4 times every day, its never ending..........whats all the problems??? Hans Jensen Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070219 Firefox/ ... I merge the online dataset to local dataset, then update the local datasource.

So far this week - new kernel (, 2 new browsers (Opera 9.63 and Firefox 3.05) and a new plugin (Flash However, as much I enjoy not using a Microsoft product, and use a product that works decently, I am severely annoyed about the constant updates I am put through. Hi, I have two datasets filled from different datasources(say online and local). private Sql Connection obj Conn On Line=null; private Sql Connection obj Conn MSDE=null; private Sql Data Adapter obj Adp On Line=null; private Sql Data Adapter obj Adp MSDE=null; private Sql Command Builder obj Cmd On Line=null; private Sql Command Builder obj Cmd MSDE=null; private System. It would probably work best for elections etc in minor locations.

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