Sober lesbian dating

09-Feb-2020 07:32

I replaced the wine with podcasts and broke out the dust buster.Pretty soon my apartment was shinier than it ever had ever been when I was drunk.Eventually, we broke up and I decided to give up drinking (for awhile at least).

I’ve screwed up more times than I care to count on all ten of my HOT PINK polish adorned fingernails. I’ve recently given up drinking alcohol and doing drugs (coke) because what started out as innocent fun, started to take a dark turn.When I put an end to my habit of drowning myself in half a bottle of wine every single night at 28, I thought I would never be able to clean my apartment again. I had been power-cleaning my apartment buzzed, sweeping the floors with a cold glass of vino pressed between my thumb and forefinger for half a decade.I didn’t think I could get through the painfully mundane task of washing the dishes, sober. My apartment turned into a slime pit for two months and then one day, I started fucking cleaning again, baby.Thinking we can only flirt or take a call when we’re high on drugs or booze. I know it’s scary, but I promise you: dating is so much better when you’re conscious to experience the colorful array of emotions that come with it. When you’re drunk all the time you’re not connecting in a real way to anyone.

Abusing substances can do irreparable damage to our lives, and even result in death. Imagine yourself on a date with the lesbian of your dreams, crystal-clear, totally sober. And here is the best part: imagine yourself fully conscious and able to tell if you *actually* like her. If the date is bad, thank god you are sober enough to realize it! And if it’s great, well, thank the great goddess up above, you’re cognizant of that too! It makes us think that we’re amazing lovers, hilarious comedians, confident flirts. But it sounds to me like, your sobriety is the most important thing for you to hold on to right now. You can’t connect without listening, and when you’re drunk you can’t hear much over your loud, rambling, disjointed thoughts. So maybe get used to connecting with your friends, your art, your family and most of all yourself, before you put the pressure on yourself to connect with a lover?

See my ex and I had been partying heavily together for the past six years, and last year it started to take a toll on me.

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