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22-Oct-2020 02:42

The saxophone is often used in music and cinema to suggest romance or heart break, e.g.

the saxophone solo at the end of Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne". Does it have anything to do with its timbre, or is the association just an accident?

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The saxophone was developed to address specific problems that Adolphe Sax had identified among low wind instruments, and his solution to these was made possible in part because of nineteenth-century advances in engineering [...] From its inception, therefore, the instrument has been identified with modernity, innovation, and a sense of exploration and enquiry, and this reputation has in many ways remained with it since.

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And since the unfamiliar sound and shape of this relatively new instrument took a dominant roll in many of the musical proceedings, it could clearly be identified as the principal miscreant, at whose door much of the blam for this decadent musical behavior could be laid.

Use the picture below and learn to identify the notes and fingerings for each note.

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