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09-Oct-2020 07:54

The school offers a Hawaiian language immersion strand that provides instruction in the Hawaiian language.

Students may participate in groups such as Student Council, library helpers, Junior Police Officers, intramural teams and other leadership programs.

To prepare self-directed, self-aware, college-ready learners who embrace the challenges of obstacles, experience the pride of perseverance and accomplishments, and demonstrate the strength of ‘ohana and community.

We have had some delays in the shipment of uniforms from our supplier.

Could include a straight up Sir “health nut who scowls at your fries” or Commander “fitness freak,” who will make you only eat red food from now on and run up and down Waikiki Beach every day without stopping.

If you’re up at 5am for a sunrise hike or are someone who HAS to hit the gym every day without fail, them great, you’ve found your match.

Parent meetings are held to support students achieve academic excellence and to discuss the school’s academic and financial plan.

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The more buoyant of his species may even whisper his measurements into your ear at the bar, if you are both so inclined.

He’s normally always in mid-squat at the gym or covered in mud after a rather long run, flexing his muscles when he thinks everyone is looking.