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01-Oct-2019 00:31

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Remember, Windows caches commonly-used files in RAM, so the more RAM you have the better you can serve clients at wire speed. For the external server in DMZ, on the network layer allow inbound port 80 and 443 from external.On CPU, I do know how it feels running WSUS on a two-core VM and a 1.8GHz E5-2403 server, and it's painful. Allow the server unlimited outbound access to the Internet, or restrict it to just the addresses in this article. You'll need to acquire that and install it yourself for the internal server, but we can get an automated certificate for the external server.For WSUS I use a 60GB OS disk and a 150GB storage disk.Your requirements will vary drastically depending on the breadth of software in your organization. There's no reason a TLS certificate can only be on one server.The default settings of installing WSUS is unfortunately not the best way to do it, please follow these instructions very carefully because there are some tricks.You need a 2012R2, preferably 2016, Windows server.

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This article will detail how to configure an internal WSUS server hosting approved updates, and an external WSUS replica server that syncs approvals with the the internal server, but tells clients to download update files from Microsoft.The external server then rolls-up all client status to the internal server.