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08-Nov-2019 08:28

” Well, its rates of assault, theft, and homicide are all significantly below the national average, and it’s frequently rated as one of NYC’s best neighborhoods in which to raise a family—so travelers should feel comfortable exploring this area, even at night.

There are a good number of places in NYC, like Brownsville (in Brooklyn) and Soundview (in the Bronx), that don’t have much in the way of reasons to visit, including the fact that they can be dangerous.

An official NYC taxi cab also needs to have clearly visible stickers displaying that the car is licensed by NYC’s Taxi & Limousine Commission.

If a vehicle that you get into isn’t officially licensed, your personal safety may be at risk, and so may your money—unscrupulous drivers try to get passengers to pay more than what’s fair. When using a ridesharing app in NYC, staying safe means double-checking that the driver’s photo and license plate both match what comes up on your phone—and using the app’s feature to share the progress of your ride with a friend or loved one, especially if you’re riding alone. Many travelers hesitate, wondering whether New York’s subway system is safe, especially at night.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid these stations altogether, but you’ll want to pay close attention to your surroundings and your belongings as you go through them.

For example, drivers in New York are not permitted to make a right turn at a red light.

One of the hardest aspects of driving in New York City is that many of the streets are incredibly crowded with pedestrians, so it’s upon you to drive with extreme caution—unfortunately, pedestrian deaths are currently on an uptick (the better news is that traffic deaths are at a record low).

That said, it’s always a good idea for travelers to read up on how to stay safe in NYC, including learning which are the safest neighborhoods in New York, as well as understanding which areas to avoid.

Again, the answer to the question “How safe is New York City? There are many lovely areas, some of which are near major tourist attractions, that are quite safe, both day and night.

When visiting the Big Apple, it’s imperative to know the basics of how to stay safe in New York.