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17-Sep-2020 23:19

A letter of support demonstrates to potential funding bodies the credibility of the applicant, their credentials, and the reasons why they deserve the funding.In addition, it aims to convince the funding entities that the cause for which the grant is requested is a noble one, and will be beneficial to both the applicant and the community at large.Letters of support can come from community leaders, organizations or high-level individuals.Letters of support are crucial to the success of a candidate in attaining a grant, tenure, or position, and are a major force in allowing the applicant to present a compelling and persuasive case for themselves as they apply for grants or positions.Writing a persuasive letter of support will increase the applicant’s chances of getting the grant significantly.

Such enthusiasm will give the candidate or proposal excellent credibility.Through proper use of this letter, the candidate demonstrates why they are a worthy recipient of the grant, award or position.