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15-Oct-2020 13:28

Whether you have a dad who’s out there seeking an S. online or you’ve considered dating a proud father who you matched with on your app of choice, you may have wondered what the search for love actually looks like for single dads out there. e Harmony recently researched one million active users in the US, approximately 21 percent of whom called themselves single dads.

These fathers have an average of two children and tend to be significantly older than their childless counterparts (single dads, on average, are 45 years old, while non-dads on the site average 38 years old).

Given the fact that more than 76 percent of women on e Harmony say they would be willing to date a single man with children, this is hardly surprising, but the numbers are certainly promising for the romantically inclined fathers out there.

“Single dads bring a lot to the table,” e Harmony CEO Grant Langston told us.

It's also not a bad idea to bring a therapist on board, especially if you struggle with self-reflection, says Laino.

When you first start dating as a single parent, you may wonder how your children will feel about you spending time with someone new, or not being home as much.

Especially if you’re coming out of an unhealthy relationship, it's important to unpack what went wrong, how it may have affected you, and even how you may have contributed to the problem, says Laino.

Otherwise, you’ll just carry those issues with you into your next relationship, and it’ll likely cause the same tension and stress.

“Know that it will take some time before you will likely meet a partner’s child or children.” And to the dads out there looking for love in the digital age, Langston recommends one thing: balance.We recently had the chance to celebrate Father’s Day — and man, oh, man, did dads everywhere deserve it.Hopefully, all the fathers in your life got the kingly treatment: the perfect gift for the perfect Pops, the chance to take a well-deserved nap (what dad out there relish any opportunity for a snooze?That’s why online dating could be a great place to start as you re-emerge into the dating world.

The first thing to know: “Choose a reputable dating site, and don’t be afraid to pay for it,” says Parrott.

“After divorce, people can feel a little lost,” says Laino.

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