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27-Apr-2020 19:05

But then all of a sudden, a red flag pops up that makes you reconsider the entire thing. That depends on how serious a red flag it really is. That kind of minor disagreement isn't what I'm talking about, since it just amounts to a small thing you may not have in common.But there are a few more serious red flags you should never ignore, because they tell you a lot about the dude you're with. This red flag list includes things like not being genuine or authentic, being on your phone too much, wearing too much makeup, being entitled or arrogant, being high-maintenance, being too clingy and dependent, or playing too many games and sending mixed signals.So wondering what other items are included on this list?

Guys get turned off when you aren’t honest, genuine, and authentic.The worst is actually when a girl pretends to be dumb so that guys will like her.Almost as if she’s too afraid to actually come across as intelligent — thinking for some crazy reason that her apparent “dumbness” comes across as cuter and more endearing.If you are rude to strangers, talk sh*t about people, and give off an awful and toxic aura about you, then nobody is going to want to be with you. It takes effort and energy to be a kind person, so a girl who’s rude just shows signs of weakness in her character.

Another big teller is how a girl treats those who you could say are “below her” — people considered her lesser, socio-economically, or people working a service job who are there to wait on her and serve her (IE. A guy wants to be with a girl who is kind-hearted and gives off a warm and positive energy that is uplifting to be around. First, let’s preface this point by saying, there are actually some guys who really enjoy taking care of a girl and don’t mind if she’s a little bit high-maintenance.

Intelligence is actually one of the most important qualities when it comes to finding a life partner, for both men and women, because in a nutshell marriage is having a conversation with someone for the rest of your life.