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04-Mar-2020 12:17

To top it off, Norton releases new signatures with updates several times a day – the samples from users’ machines are analyzed on the proprietary cloud servers.If anything is deemed dangerous, Norton’s team fixes vulnerabilities and sends signature updates.Norton features browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.The extension checks destination headers for web packets for connection with known malicious websites. Although there is no game mode as it is, you can put the Norton Security application into the Silent Mode and reduce the number of updates and user notifications when the full screen and 3D graphics are running.

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Read the whole review to figure out whether the program is suitable for you.According to the results of the real-world protection test conducted by AV-comparatives, Norton Antivirus detected and blocked about 99.3% of threats, which is a great result. AV-Test Lab awarded the maximum 18 points to the latest version of Norton Antivirus (6 for protection, performance, and usability).It is worth noting though that historically Norton would on average get 5.5 points for usability.Although you cannot download Norton Security for free, and packages aren’t cheap, you can get some services with a discount, for example, they have nice bundle deals for antivirus and Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN.

Therefore, this solution would be perfect for minor businesses and corporate users, as well as for personal use.

Similar to other antivirus software, Norton offers three layers of protection including signature matching (the software is matched to the database of known malware packages).