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Please arrange to meet your families at designated areas outside the civic center (i.e., flagpoles, plaza, gates).Several parking options are available on days scheduled for commencement ceremonies.Even stranger, tool use was observed only among one group of capuchins occupying a roughly one-mile stretch of shoreline, even though Barrett and his colleagues surveyed the entirety of Jicaron as well as two nearby islands where the monkeys are also found.In a few cases, the scientists left "experimental" hammers and anvils in spots where no stone tools had been found; the monkeys ignored the artifacts, though a few Homo sapiens were observed using them to crack open coconuts.But when Barrett and his colleagues finally arrived at Jicaron Island in Panama's Coiba National Park last year, what they found was well worth the effort: Tiny white-faced capuchin monkeys were using stones almost half their body weight as hammers to smash open shellfish, nuts and other foods."We were stunned," said Barrett, the lead author of a new paper on the discovery posted on the preprint website bio Rxiv.The capuchins are the first animals of their genus observed using stone tools and only the fourth group of nonhuman primates known to do so. Tucker Civic Center located at 505 West Pensacola Street.Panama City (FL) students can find information about the annual Panama City graduation ceremony at:

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Please reference the fall, spring, and summer seating charts for more information. Grad Images Photography takes these posed photos, and they also take three pictures of you during the ceremony.

Direct any questions about your photos to Grad Images by calling Guests should not leave until the ceremony concludes.

Leaving causes disruption and noise, which disturbs those families whose graduate has not yet been recognized.

The Commencement Ceremony is a most dignified event, whose traditions and regalia date from the thirteenth century.

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All participants are expected to exhibit courteous behavior and to observe the decorum merited by the occasion.Graduates can expect to receive their individual picture proofs by email within 18 to 24 hours of the graduation ceremony.

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