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04-May-2020 23:44

By: Danielle Jones, MS3Obstetric wheels are a mainstay in clinical prenatal care, but they aren’t exactly optimal for carrying around.Their bulky shape makes them difficult to store anywhere other than in a white coat pocket and the flimsiness of their design allows for significant wear & tear with regular use.In the long run this could help avoid miscommunication or miscalculation during scheduling, since everything can be quickly assessed using one tool right in the patient’s room.I tested this out throughout my Ob/Gyn rotation and found it to be my most used clinical application over the course of the 8 weeks.

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It’s clean, straight-forward and far from cluttered – just what an app serving such a simple, yet extremely valuable, purpose should be.Unfortunately, I could not come up with a quick way to assess this information using the app.Since size data is already provided in the feedback section, I’d imagine this would be an exceedingly easy addition to the app and, while it certainly would not be the most frequently used section of the app, it would definitely prove beneficial in similar situations.The only time I found the app to be a bit difficult to use was in the face of a missed abortion in the Emergency Department.

As we measured the crown-to-rump length we wanted to assess approximately how long it had been since the fetus ceased growing.

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