Northern men dating southern women

04-Aug-2020 07:50

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Moving to Tennessee, I wondered if I would find myself a Southern man. Here are 14 things that dating a Southern man has taught me so far:1.

God Going to church is just one of the things Southern families raise their children to do.

For one thing, I'm a very independent girl and for some men this is a milestone that just can NOT be overcome. This can also be hard on the other half of a couple. They have this rare coupling and can not understand how someone could think it will never happen for them.

It sure would be nice to have a shoulder to lean my weary head on at the end of the day that just understood and could just put their arm around my shoulder. Instead of picing interdependent relationships I tend to pick those that are dependent on me, or are dominering of me. Add this aweesome fact to my age, my older body, my personality and intellect it seems like finding this compatible coupling will be as rare as getting struck by lightning.

To have a relationship with Christ seems to define a person on a more effective level. Of course, everyone is going to have a past, but just as depicted in movies, Southerners tend to have more baggage than others. His Southern ways I have never met a man that has showed me more respect than the man that I am dating. Let the man have his Jack n’ Coke A southern man will never let you take away his Jack n’ Coke.

Their body are lean and long, mostly in the length of 165cm or taller. Most of them I've found want a young trophy wife, or a nurse with a purse. Who sincerely loves and would like to be loved in return.

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