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At the present period, when this interesting little Island promises to become once more the abode of science and literature, it is hoped that Gaelic learning will revive, and that every facility will be afforded for the acquisition of a language so essentially necessary within the pre- cincts of Mona to the students of Divinity, and the students of Law. And if S be followed by h, it changes to ch and A; as, shenn ohooinney (an old man) ; yn CHENN GHOoi NNEY (the old man ) ; e henn ohooinney (his old man). Wlien S is followed by I, it changes to cl and /; as, slat (a rod); yn ciat (the rod) ; E lat (his rod, &c.) 58. ; and eoyllee (dung or manure) ; deoyllee (did dung, or manure) ; and cha deoyllee, &c. Verbs beginning in like manner with vow- els, to show the present and also the past time of action, begin with g ; as, aase (grow) ;,caase (growing) ; va mee gaase (I was growing) ; ir- ree (rise); &c. Of verbs irregular, which do not altogether change according to the foregoing remarks.— Cheet (coming), changes to haink, daink, hio, Clashtyn (hearing), clasht, chlasiityn, CHEAYLL, CLUIN, CHLUIN, GEAYLL, GLUIN.

To both these classes, it is presumed, the compilation now offered to the public will prove an important acquisition. The letter S, apostropliized before adjec- tives and participles, I think is an abreviation of sjioo, by which the degrees of comparison are shown throughout the language ; first, the posi- tive, Fi RRi NACH (true) ; secondly, a degree above the positive ; as, s'firrinagu (how true) ; thirdly, the comparative, ny s'firrinee (more true) ; fourthly, the superlative, yn raa s'firrinee (the truest saying). T, beginning words radically, has three initials, viz.: t, h, and d; as, towse (a measure) ; e howse (his measure) ; nyn dowse (your, &c. Cur, or Coyrt (giving, putting, sending, he), CHOYRT, HUG, DUG, VER and VERR, DER and Fakin (seeing), akin, faie, Geddyn (getting), oiieddvn !

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But those will think otherwise who consider that there arc thousands of the natives of the Island that can at present receive no useful knowledge whatever, except through the medium of the Manks language; they will judge from experience, as well as from the nature of the case, that no work of this description will hinder the progress of the English, but in fact have the contrary effect. And I think the yn to siuach- Tixv.v redundant, as in Daniel ix. ; as, dtv chreb's (thy heart, emphatically) : dty obbyr's (thy work, emphatically), &c. The substantives being all masculine or fe- minine, is another ; there being no such anomaly in Manks as a neuter gender ; we have however a fewnouns, pronouns, and pronominals common to both genders. Saueyder Gho Ueyder Chearee Joanin Saueyderyn Gholleyderyn Ghearey Joanins Sauin Ghollin Gheareyder Joanit Sauins Gho Uins Gheareyderyu Joanym Sauit Gho Uit Ghearin Joanyras Sauym Ghollym Ghearins Joanys Sauyms Gho Uyms Ghearit Yoan Sauys Gho Uys Ghearyra Yoanagh Haue Ghearyras Yoanee Hauagh Ghearys Yoaney Hauail Yoaneyder Hauailtagh Of CH and F, ag reeablij to Remarks 44 and 48. Having but few verbs, its bre^lty may be com- plained of by some, but this deficiency is amp- ly supplied in the same manner as when a like want occurs in the English.

The sublime strains of Ossian mark the capabilities of the language, and commend it to the regard of the philologist as a subject of curious enquiry, and deserving accurate investigation. Verbs commencing radically with vowels, begin with d to show the preterit or past time of action, or negatively; as, aarl or aarlee (cook, dress, or prepare) ; daarlee (did cook, dress, or prepare); and negatively, ch a daarlee, &c. Some will be disposed to deride the endeavour to restore vigour to a decaying language. G also sometimes changes to y ; as, giare (short) ; Ro Yi ARE (too short), though some- times spelled GHi ARE ; Gi ALL (whitc or bright) ; Ro Yi ALL (too bright). 90 Some adjectival nouns are made by a part of the adjective being changed ; as, jooigh (greedy) ; jooid (greediness) ; berchagu (rich) . The collec- tive nouns, such as, ollagh (cattle) ; sleih (people); LUGHT-xni E (household or family); MAASE (kine), &c., are, as in the English, not reckoned plural nouns ; therefore, have only the definite article yn preceding them. A grand piinciple in Manks is the adjec- tive being placed after the noun or substantive. The English of this class of adjecti- val words arc aspen, hempen, oaken, baptismal , &c. Another principle is, the language not making plural until three ; the numbers of twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, a hundred, a thousand, &c. phatic : some instances of this are given in the work; but any substantive, &c. J/ in verb MO yll (praise), changes to c And no change. verb p 7 (prove), changes to ph ; T (meet) changes to wh ; i 158. Of E and Y, (which may se, agreeably to Remarks 1 46, ] Eeck, V. conceal Keillagh Keillee Keilleyder Keilleyderyn Ke Ulin Kei Uins Keimt Keillym Keillyms Ke Ulys Keiltyn Che U Che Li'agh Che Ulee Cheilleyder Cheilleyderyn Cheillin Cheil Uns Chei Uit Cheillym Cheillyms Chei Uys Cheiltyn Ge U Gemagh Ge LUee Gei Ueyder Gei Ueydeiyn Geillin Geillins Geillym Geillyms Geiltyn Of D and G, agreeably to Remarks 45 and H Do U, i: blot Dollagh Do Uee Dolley Dolleyder Do Ueyderyn Dollin Do Uins Dollit Do Uym Do Uyms Dollys Gholl Gear, v. save Boost Doiggyms Joanagh Sauagh Boosym Joanee Sauail Boosyms MANKS LANGUAGE. It appears like a piece of exquisite network, interwoven together in a masterly man- ner, and framed by the hand of a most skilfr' worknmn, equal to the composition of the most lea aed, and not the production of chance.