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Not only is Warren doing that; she’s rebuilding a fair and equitable America that prioritizes our health & wellness. How dare you applaud as hundreds of children are left orphaned by ICE.How dare you associate danger with this community days after a mass shooting targeting their community.This is the language of dehumanization and its only logical end is violence. Earlier I tweeted that Kiki Fantroy was the 13th black trans woman murdered this year.It turns out Kiki was the 14th and Pebbles La Dime Doe was the 13th.I resisted the call of that molded footbed and simple slide silhouette... I can't pretend I do not wish to spend the warmer months this year traipsing around New York (and beyond) in a pair of plastic sandals. But, there are quite a few brands remixing this classic sporty design in ways that are a little less "I just came from soccer practice and am about to hit the communal locker room" and a little more "I just wear these on the roof at Soho House." Listen: I am not denying that this is kind of a silly trend, and one that will likely cause me to look back at the inevitable view-from-above Instagrams with pangs of regret in like 2 years.However, I love how they look now paired with everything from swingy mini-dresses to slouchy trousers or cutoff denim shorts.Genuine desire and inner want, for it’s own sake and for your own self is how you take action with your man.

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At this point neither of my parents really want or need more things—but that doesn't mean a great gift is without merit.

Ours has been 100% grassroots-funded since the beginning. If we destroy the Amazon, @yayitsrob notes, humanity can’t get it back.

No PACs or closed-door meetings with millionaires or CEOs—just people like you chipping in what they can. Even if we could replant all the trees, the diversity of creatures there couldn’t be replenished for roughly 10 million years. #Black Womens Equal Pay Don’t forget that these fires are being used to violently remove indigenous peoples from their land.

I would imagine many of your folks might be the same way, in that sentiment goes a lot farther than a scented candle towards showing how much they mean to you.

For most of us Mother's Day is not an occasion where we go all out like we would for a birthday or non-Hallmark holiday, but we should do something.

Remember the relationship only starts at marriage and people and relationships evolve a heck of a whole lot over time.

All of this effort is worth it, since hey, it could lead to a lifetime of happiness.… continue reading »

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