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13-Sep-2019 21:24

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Collaborative filtering works to generate recommendations, but those recommendations leave certain users at a disadvantage.Beyond that, Berman says these algorithms simply don't work for most people."In practice, algorithms reinforce bias by limiting what we can see," Berman says.When it comes to real humans on real dating apps, that algorithmic bias is well documented.He points to the rise of niche dating sites, like Jdate and Amo Latina, as proof that minority groups are left out by collaborative filtering."I think software is a great way to meet someone," Berman says, "but I think these existing dating apps have become narrowly focused on growth at the expense of users who would otherwise be successful. What if it’s the design of the software that makes people feel like they’re unsuccessful?You create a profile (from a cast of cute illustrated monsters), swipe to match with other monsters, and chat to set up dates.

The algorithms that power those apps seem to have problems too, trapping users in a cage of their own preferences.

No one gets into a helicopter or bungees off the side of a bridge or stares down her direct competition across the table.

It’s all set in New York, featuring very New York discussions about real estate and how expensive things are and how long everyone has lived in the city.

"While Monster Match is just a game, Berman has a few ideas of how to improve the online and app-based dating experience.

"A reset button that erases history with the app would go a long way," he says.

So Berman, a game designer in San Francisco, decided to build his own dating app, sort of.