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11-Nov-2019 15:56

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That's when you know someone has a whole lot of power; when they can intimidate without saying a word. He knows how to deal with problems in a smart way and he can usually keep the major problems to a minimum.While the position affords a life of luxury, you sometimes get the sense that he would rather be doing something else.Whatever desires he may have to escape, Tony realizes he is stuck in this life.Even with all the danger faced on a daily basis, he believes it is his responsibility to bear down and accept this struggle. Tony often struggles with the violent nature of his work.

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When they are having what is meant to be a civil sit-down to resolve some differences, Tony is quick to assert himself as a man not to be messed with.

The death and harm they inflict is all something they have to do and should not be punished for it.

There's nothing scary than a dangerous man who thinks he's right.

There is an unpredictability to Tony that makes us weary anytime he has a smile on his face because we know it won't last.

When interrogating a would-be assassin, Tony begins to soften, taking pity on the scared man.

One of the most exciting relationships in the show is between Tony and his therapist, Dr. Their relationship can often be friendly and helpful, despite Tony's reluctance to talk about his feelings. In one particularly frightening moment, Melfi says something about Tony's mother that rubs him the wrong way.

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