Minneapolis phone dating trial

22-Dec-2019 13:16

The goal of this process is to narrow the pool until it reaches the appropriate number.

In a case like Noor's, the size of the final group is 16.

The questionnaire agreed upon by both sides in the Noor trial asks potential jurors about experiences with Somali-Americans and whether they believe police officers are more credible than other witnesses.

Attorneys from both sides will use the information in the questionnaires to try to assess where the potential jurors may respond to their arguments during trial.

In Minnesota, jurors are chosen at random from lists of people who have obtained identification cards, driver's licenses and have registered to vote.

Potential jurors receive a notice in the mail that they've been chosen.

A potential juror may be excused from jury duty for a number of reasons, including that they're unable to communicate in English or have not yet had their civil rights reinstated after being convicted of a felony. Not showing up for jury duty is a misdemeanor in Minnesota.

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They also may look into public records, such as criminal histories.

The judge's role is to ensure that only what's deemed by the court as credible and relevant information makes it to the jurors.