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Annie and Jake try to help Gil realize that he has become entirely too dependent on Jake for everything.

But when they push Gil to take charge of his life, the disruption in their relationship threatens to break the balance in their entire group of friends.

Annie tracks down Jake's old college friends "The Boyz" when she realizes Jake doesn't have any groomsmen for the wedding.

However, the leader of the group, Daniel (Jerry O'Connell), has never liked Annie and is very intent on breaking up the newly engaged couple.

Meanwhile, Annie tries to find out what Jake's hiding from her in his desk.

Annie attempts to host the family Thanksgiving gathering for the first time, but first has to break the news to Jake's mom, Myrna, who was always in charge of hosting Thanksgiving in the past.

Tensions mount after Annie and Jake discover one of them has already watched the highly-anticipated season finale of their favorite program, that they had recorded to watch together.

Kay's vengeful former girlfriend takes out her anger on Jake by wiping out his identity records.

Meanwhile at work, Annie has to deal with her boss, Janet (Michaela Watkins), who is impossible to please.

John Gemberling also appeared on Happy Endings, however as his character wasn't named — he was merely credited as 'Thief' — it is unclear whether the two characters are considered separate people.

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In addition, several guest stars on Marry Me — including Rob Huebel, Rob Riggle, Nat Faxon and Ryan Hansen — also had guest appearances as different characters on Happy Endings.Meanwhile, Dennah, Gil and Kay get caught up with a pair of police officer swingers Gary Thick (Rob Riggle) and Laguna Matata (Natasha Leggero).

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