Lee dong wook lee da hae dating

11-Dec-2019 17:01

It wasn’t beyond terrible but was bad enough that even the reunion OTP of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae wasn’t enough to keep me around.

With that said, the three new pictures posted by Lee Da Hae on her social media account this weekend is luring me back to check out the drama.

Check out the lovely wedding couple pics below as well as the cast attending the well-deserved wrap party for giving it their all through 32-episodes.

If folks who watched HK all the way want to chime in your thoughts on whether it’s a watch/avoid that would be much appreciated!

Actor Lee Dong Wook talked about the upcoming kiss scene with actress Lee Da Hae, as well as their chemistry within the drama.

On July 4, a press conference was held for MBC’s “Hotel King” at a restaurant in Seoul.

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Lee Dong Wook acted like he has a stick up his rear he was so stiff, but very gorgeous doing so.The drama is being aired every Saturday and Sunday.