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It's a gorgeous show on many levels, but especially the emotional ones.

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At the prestigious Ouran Academy, Haruhi Fujioka stands out like a sore thumb.

There's multiple romances running through the storyline of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series but the most crucial is the one that develops gradually between the title character, a wandering swordsman now operating under a self-imposed vow never to kill, and a feisty female teacher in a struggling dojo.

There's just as much emphasis in this show on the action, the historical backdrop (it's set in the 1870s, the period of Japan's first rapprochement with the modern West), and the diverse character gallery, but the romance is as good a reason to watch this show as any of the others.

Adapted, with some mutilation, from an even-better manga series that has earned fan bases of both sexes.

No list of anime romances would be complete without this milestone title.

She blunders into the school's host club, a lounge where the handsomest boys in the school lavish attention on the girls.