Is nelly the rapper still dating ashanti

24-Dec-2019 13:34

Her military father was stationed there when he met her mother, and the family later moved to Texas.Heckard herself was in the military for nine years — four of which were active duty.They seemed inseparable actually, until suddenly one day they just split and the public never saw them together again.Word on the Old School curb is that the breakup was over something Ashanti allegedly did to Nelly during their relationship, but since they’ve never confirmed that, we won’t divulge any further details and/or allegations about it.That’s why after those lavish birthday parties he threw for her — Nelly closed the door on Ashanti for the last time.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's was apparently inspired by Ashanti and Ja. What I didn't like so much is that the media has a way of pitting people against each other. Ashanti admits that she was skeptical that her song, "Baby," was too low, but ended up happy with how it turned out.But for the longest time Cornell chose to disregard rumors that Shanti had been passed around amongst rappers like Jay-Z and Nas as well as among lesser known producers, like Chink Santana.

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