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The registered sex offender and stalker eventually introduced himself to her on her birthday (which was changed to July 16). He also said it was his birthday too and called them "Birthday Buddies." In August, the stalker kidnapped Ciara during her friend’s party at the Salem Carnival when her friend was injured."Kyle" told Ciara that Bo and Hope had been in an accident and he was sent to take her to the hospital to see them.He was clicking his Zippo lighter which was a nervous habit, and Ciara heard the unique clicking sound and realized Dean was the attacker.Hope tried to protect her daughter, but was knocked out.

Hope was taking sleeping pills that were causing her to wake up and harm people, turning into ‘night’ Hope.

Hope took Ciara to Doug and Julie’s and then Victor’s.

But Ciara’s nightmares continued and she began to resent Hope for taking her away from her father.

With Justin’s help, Ciara began to relax and the two bonded.

Hope and Bo remained separated and Bo started seeing Carly Manning who was back in Salem.Since he was her "Birthday Buddy" Ciara trusted him and followed.