Is andy still dating megan gale M random adult fun chat

25-Aug-2020 04:53

So when we spied a comment of praise on Rebecca’s Melbourne Cup Instagram post from none other than Megan Gale herself, we couldn’t help but feel CUP DAY!! Dress: Custom @lilliankhallouf Headpiece: @annshoebridge Bag: @jimmychoo Shoes: @fendi Styled by: @jess_pecoraro #Melbourne Cup A post shared by Rebecca Harding ???? As a model, she has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for Amarea beachwear, David Jones, Lepel underwear, Naj-Oleari, L’Oréal, Nemo, Nimei jewels, SPA Products and others. Serving as the celebrity ambassador to many brands and organizations.And then, after four years together, they broke up.Since then, both have been reluctant to comment on the break down of the relationship, nor the period the followed.The alleged couple were then photographed by The Daily Telegraph picking up takeaway food at burger joint Andrew's Hamburgers in Albert Park.

We’re talking about Megan Gale and Rebecca Harding, who don’t just have the fact that they’re models in common – they have both shared a romance with radio personality Andy Lee. They were likeable, famous but down-to-earth, unaffected by fame and money and the trappings of both.He was the bumbling comedian, she the beautifully approachable model.Some of the latest pictures of Megan Gale: Also on Zimbio: 100 Hottest...

Read Full Story"Yes, we've been hanging out together as we've known each other for ages,'' Gale admits.

, said that she is sick of being "scrutinised" by people all the time and sometimes just wants to be "left alone".