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13-Oct-2019 03:32

Either way, I need the focus to remain in the cell instead of going to the next row when I hit Enter.

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Cell Enter occurs after a cell gets the focus and Cell Validated occurs when the focus is about to leave.kernelcoder, first off thank you for your time!(inherited from Data Grid View)Gets a value indicating whether the caller must call an invoke method when making method calls to the control because the caller is on a different thread than the one the control was created on.(inherited from Control)Gets or sets a value indicating whether the width of the row headers is adjustable and whether it can be adjusted by the user or is automatically adjusted to fit the contents of the headers.I realized I forgot to thank you in my previous response.

Following your suggestion, I blocked the Cell Validated, the Cell Validating events and placed the code within the Cell Enter event, and the Message Box shows up when I click any cell in the column.I used Q3 2010 SP1 (2010.3.10.1215) version for my tests.