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07-Apr-2020 17:54

Up next in the convo shout out to the 2019 graduates! Then we dive into the topic Intimidating Women, Why we think our own Social Media Jawn is a Intimidating Woman! Plus More Shenanigans & Laughs From The Gett Em Gurl Crew! Plus so much more laughs and shenanigans from the GEGCrew. Business Jawn expresses her "beef", Operations Jawn dislike with cats. Plus so much more laughs and shenanigans from the GEGCrew. 18 - Listen in as the GEGCrew have random conversation about trending topics... We keep the conversation going with the trending topics dealing with AL passing of the abortion law, NJ ban on plastic bags, Lives lost in the hands of the police. We briefly talk about our time at the "BYDAWAY BASH" guest appearance by Cardi B in Wilmington, DE. Special guest, Uncle Rico from Drunk Unks Podcast joins in on the fun! We keep the conversation going with the trending topics dealing with Steve Harvey and Ayesha Curry. First the GEGCrew will be Welcomed Into The Dungeon(we in the building)!! We talk THE CARTERS and what they dropped on the world. Queen B is totally a BOSS and Uncle Jay is fallin'! Laughs and much more from the Gett Em Gurl Crew Podcast! Then we jump into the topic "Calling Ya Bluff (Put Up or Shut Up", Why it's important to do what you say, Stop being all "talk", Either Put Up or Shut Up! 16 - Listen in as the GEGCrew discuss the "Angry Black Woman". And of course we are here with our laughs, shenanigans and much more from the GEGCrew. We first pay our respects and reflect on the young king Nipsey Hussle.

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Jeffery Epstein, Joe Buddens/Nicki Minaj, ROC Nation/NFL also make to our trending/current news. The ladies discuss "potential prospects", How many make it to "tryouts", Breakdown of the "pre-season".

** Special Thank You to Feed for selecting us, GETT EM GURL CREW PODCAST as one of the TOP 25 BLACK PODCASTS on the web** #Team GEGCrew #Happy Pride Ep. And Why is there a double standard when it come to the #He Too Movement!

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Go to a coffee shop or a deli and platonically spend the day rehashing how they both "made it"? She doesn't hold a candle to the aforementioned girls, she's just his Tuesday Girl. How many times has Seth used a Haley Joel Osment joke in Family Guy? Fast forward a decade and he's fucking the guy's sister.… continue reading »

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And buying into the negative stereotypes about dating as a single parent can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.… continue reading »

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