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06-Jan-2020 07:40

Note that with portfolio_structure we have the same 'gotcha' as before, namely that we can't just drop the contract object into the global variable, as all we will get is a pointer that is meaningless outside of the wrapper method.

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I want to try connecting to my Interactive Brokers account too but when I look in the Connections menu, IB is not an option.Since writing this blog IB have introduced an API call to get positions directly - so there are less clunky ways of doing this than I show here.From, class IBclient: def get_IB_account_data(self): init_portfolio_data() init_error() ## Turn on the streaming of accounting information req Account Updates(True, self.accountid) start_time=time.time() finished=False iserror=False while not finished and not iserror: finished=flag_finished_contractdetails iserror=flag_iserror if (time.time() - start_time) MAX_WAIT_SECONDS: finished=True print "Didn't get an end for account update, might be missing stuff" pass ## Turn off the streaming ## Note portfolio_structure will also be updated req Account Updates(False, self.accountid) portfolio_data=data_portfoliodata account_value=data_accountvalue if iserror: print error_msg print "Problem getting details" return None return (account_value, portfolio_data) def init_portfolio_data(self): if "data_portfoliodata" not in dir(self): setattr(self, "data_portfoliodata", []) if "data_accountvalue" not in dir(self): setattr(self, "data_accountvalue", []) setattr(self, "flag_finished_portfolio", False) def update Portfolio(self, contract, position, market Price, market Value, average Cost, unrealized PNL, realized PNL, account Name): """ Add a row to the portfolio structure """ portfolio_structure=self.data_portfoliodata portfolio_structure.append((contract.symbol, contract.expiry, position, market Price, market Value, average Cost, unrealized PNL, realized PNL, account Name, contract.currency)) ## account value def update Account Value(self, key, value, currency, account Name): """ Populates account value dictionary """ account_value=self.data_accountvalue account_value.append((key, value, currency, account Name)) def account Download End(self, account Name): """ Finished can look at portfolio_structure and account_value """ setattr(self, "flag_finished_portfolio", True) So once we begin streaming both the portfolio_structure and account_value global variables begin updating.However both of these are going to be looking at streamed accounting updates.

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This is returned by two different kinds of wrapper function.But the final post in my short series on using swigibpy to interact with the C API for interactive brokers (IB).