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19-Apr-2020 12:25

And as global population has grown together with expectations of prosperity that are founded on energy gathering activities, humanity has had to expand its energy gathering horizons to nuclear power, solar power and energy from waste.

And it is known that some of the strategies deployed have very low ERo EI, for example corn ethanol is around 1 to 2 [2] and solar PV between 1 and 5 [2,3] depending upon where it is sited and the boundaries used to estimate energy costs.

At this point I will cast out a bold idea that money was invented as a proxy for energy because ERo EI was too complex to fathom.

And I have this via email from my friend Luis de Sousa who did not like the Ferroni and Hopkirk paper [3] nor my post reviewing it: On the grand scheme of things: PV ERo EI estimates range from 30 down to 0.8.

Shortly thereafter I joined The Oil Drum crew and had the great pleasure of meeting Professor Charles Hall, the Godfather of ERo IE analysis who developed the concept during his Ph D studies and first published the term in 1977.

ERo EI would become a point of focus for Oil Drum posts.

We all have our best days and our worst days, for me, Interstate 5 in Oregon seems to be the low point of my life.

In today’s energy mix, hydroelectric power ± nuclear power have values 5 to 7 is required for modern society to function.

The only variation is that the vehicles setting up the impassable wall might change slightly...

the Washington minivan, and the Oregon semi pulling 3 trailers seemed to make a great team. A bonus was that I was driving all the way through Oregon into Washington with a 1 year old, a five year old, and a 89 year old grandma.

Nate Hagens and David Murphy, both Oil Drum crew, have now completed Ph Ds on ERo EI analysis aided and abetted by the conversation that the Oil Drum enabled.

But recently I have received this via email from Nate: Are we wrong to believe that ERo EI is a fundamentally important metric of energy acquisition or is it simply that the work done to date is not sufficiently rigorous or presented in a way that economists and policy makers can understand.

My grandma sat in the front seat..bless my grandma's heart, but she called out what seemed like every sign and the number of remaining miles until we pulled into the house of our destination...every sign for 1000 miles.

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