Help my sister is dating a loser

26-Dec-2019 23:06

After quitting that job, it was the final straw for his aunt and uncle and they kicked him out of their house...So he moved in with his drug-dealing cousins and got a job as a dish washer at a local restaurant where he was eventually "let go of" job because "they didn't need him anymore." Then he started a job in construction with another uncle of his, but soonafter quit when he realized he would have to stick with the job for a while before he would be considered to enter into any construction union.

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So my sister Mary met her current boyfriend Jimmy at work a little over a year ago.You may think that you’re helping, but, in the long run, by allowing him to mooch off of you (both financially and emotionally), you are simply enabling his behavior and giving him no reason to change.

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