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Such stories can be radically different in their depictions of Guinevere and the manners of her demise.In the Italian 15th-century romance La Tavola Ritonda, Guinevere drops dead upon learning of her husband's fate when Lancelot rescues her from the siege by Arthur's slayer Mordred.She has first appeared in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, a pseudo-historical chronicle of British history written in the early 12th century, and continues to be a popular character in the modern adaptations of the legend.In the later medieval romances, one of the most prominent story arcs is Queen Guinevere's tragic love affair with her husband's chief knight and friend, Lancelot, indirectly causing the death of Arthur and many others and the downfall of the kingdom.56), there are three Gwenhwyfars married to King Arthur.The first is the daughter of Cywryd of Gwent, the second of Gwythyr ap Greidawl, and the third of (G)ogrfan Gawr ("the Giant").Some works name cousins of note, though these do not usually appear more than once; one of them is Guiomar, Morgan le Fay's early lover in the French romances.

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Alternatively, in what Arthurian scholars Geoffrey Ashe and Norris J.

She ends up punished when she is magically blinded by his secret true love from Avalon, the fairy princess Lady Tryamour (identified by some as the figure of Morgan le Fay).