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28-Jun-2020 20:55

She watches her grandkids in the afternoon while her son and daughter-in-law are at work.

“It was a long, hard road with lots and lots of obstacles,” Gardner said.

Toni Gardner plays with her grandchildren, Amelia, 2, and Jonah, 5, in the second unit that she had built in the backyard of her residence.

The new laws would have removed some of the obstacles, she said.

In the future, on second units built within existing space, utilities cannot require the homeowner to install a new or separate utility connection, nor can they impose a connection fee or capacity charge.

For units outside existing space, they can require a new or separate connection, and can charge a connection fee or capacity charge, but it must be “proportionate to the burden” of the second unit based on its size or number of plumbing fixtures.

The law also will let homeowners create a second unit within existing space, such as a garage, that sits within a setback area.

When a homeowner submits a second-unit application that meets state and local requirements, the local jurisdiction must approve it within 120 days, without the need to notify neighbors. “It’s a confusing set of regulations, that, in the opinion of this planner, has a lot of gray zones,” said Neal Toft, Larkspur’s planning and building director.Some cities are rushing to conform their ordinances by Jan. The California Department of Housing and Community Development plans to issue guidance on the law in a week or two.