Google desktop email gadget not updating

04-Oct-2020 05:48

Therefore, the best way to debug your gadget is to test it in the context of an actual Google Site.

Try switching between various Sites themes to ensure your gadget appears correctly in each.

That means as a gadget developer you can leverage the Sites API to build engaging tools for other Web developers and their audiences, as well for your own use.

When you build a gadget for Sites, it becomes available to millions of active users.

See the Embedding your gadget section for precise steps.

Here are the high-level steps for building a gadget for Sites: Gadgets can be embedded in Sites pages either by selecting it from the Sites gadget directory (which is synchronized with the i Google gadget directory) or by including its URL directly.Gadget specs are cached unless you tell Sites not to.To bypass the cache during development, add this to the end of the Sites page URL containing the gadget (and not the URL of the gadget spec file): parameters that can be configured.To embed a gadget in Sites: After building your gadget, you should test it thoroughly before using it and allowing others to do the same.

Test your gadget manually by creating one or more test Google Sites and embedding your gadget.Here are your gadget hosting options: Gadgets are just HTML and (optionally) Java Script, Flash or Silverlight wrapped in XML.