Global address book not updating when accounts are disabled rules for dating exhusband

28-Jun-2020 08:21

I’ve recently switched to a new computer with Outlook 2016 on it.

I’ve successfully configured my account and just imported my pst-file from Outlook 2007.

For detailed instructions see: Change default address list.

If you’ve come to the realization that you have not backed up your Contacts and also no longer have access to your original pst-file, then there are still 2 options: There are add-ins which can scan mail folders in Outlook for email addresses and add them to your Contacts folder.

However, we didn't need the user so I disconnected his mailbox in Exchange.

When I tried to look at the Active Directory, I don't see the user anywhere. The GAL usually builds on a nightly basis, so you might not see the change until tomorrow unless you go to "Send and Receive" in outlook, and find the Download Address Book option under there somewhere.

I have disabled their network account and through Exchange tasks removed their mailbox.

They still show up in the Global Address Book for everyone.

I have some users that are no longer with the company.

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(This was my initial thought as well) So user account still exist in AD so using from Windows 2003 support tools...locate user from Domain partition and check user properties and find Show In Address Book...any value is there then remove it....

Mailbox Store then right click Mailboxes and select run cleanup agent you will then see the users under mailboxes with red crosses next to them, if you right click and select purge this will remove the mailbox completely.

Visit Stack Exchange I'm using Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2007.

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