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30-Jan-2020 02:58

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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Humans are social beings and it’s printed in our DNA that we like to touch and be touched.When we look for a partner our basic instincts seem to float to the surface and our senses go into full alert. We all have character flaws that need to disappear. Others are introverted hermits who can’t muster up the courage to say “hello.” Everyone is a bit different, and everyone is capable of change.

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The only problem with dating a shy guy is you’re left to wonder if he actually likes you or is just being polite. let’s leave that topic for another day.)It’s not easy to figure out the shy/silent/awkward guy – especially if he won’t start a proper conversation. You don’t want to make a move because you’re afraid of getting turned down. So here are a few signs the guy likes you but is just too scared to tell you: Maybe he goes to “your” coffee place just about every day.

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