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29-Jun-2020 03:24

By senior year, I started wearing more makeup and had less acne.

I'm glad I've grown as a person throughout high school into college." "Freshman year, I was still experimenting with makeup.

Every day I lined my entire eye with black eyeliner and wore a sparkly eyeshadow from Forever 21. I remember seeing my freshmen yearbook picture and being shocked, like,why do I look like a bear?!

My senior yearbook picture was sentimental because it was my senior year.

I felt cool and confident, so that's all that matters to me.

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The biggest difference that I see between the two photos, besides physical features, would be a change in mindset.I always hid my student ID so people wouldn't be able to see the photo. It's crazy to me how much I focused on the nitpicky little 'flaws.' One of the biggest changes between the two is that I look much more confident in my senior year photo.